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If you need to send a fellow Fair member money, it’s quick and easy. Whether it be for lunch, gas, groceries or other bills, or even just a little surprise to brighten someone's day, Fair-to-Fair money transfer is simple. Just login to the FairPay app or web portal and navigate to the account feature. You’ll be sending money to Fair members in no time!

What Our Members Say

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Been a member of FAIR since April. As a retired person, I am so delighted to receive my dividends on the 7th like clockwork, which helps me immensely with my living cost along with my retirement income. Keep up the good work.
Rasheed Q.
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I’ve been using the Fair Wealth Building account for several months now and it's so awesome seeing the balance grow each month...also, the best part is if I need to use the money I can easily withdraw it without any penalty. No other financial service offers all these benefits. I highly recommend growing your money with this service.
- Zaki M.
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Brief, comprehensive info and easy application process.
- Sabit
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Signing up was really easy and anytime I have questions about anything I can email them and I’ll hear back within 24hours!
- Rubina
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Easy sign up process and everything went smoothly.
- Brandi

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