How to Add Funds To Your Fair Account

At Fair, we believe in giving you the flexibility of choosing what works best for you.

Transfer funds via the FairPay Mobile App or online via the members portal.

Want to transfer more than $25,000 at one time?
Let us help you!  ​Send us an email request ​before you initiate the transfer and we will assist you with this process.

External Bank initiated Transfer
Up to $25,000  per transaction

Request a transfer from your external financial account to your Fair Spending Account via ACH.
Provide your Fair spending account and routing number and have access to your transferred funds within 2 business days. ​

Where can I see my Fair account number and routing number?
From the FairPay mobile app, click the gear icon in the upper right of the home screen and then select "Show my account info"

Transfer funds via the FairPay App
Up to $10,000 per transaction. Have access to your transferred funds within 5 business days via the FairPay mobile app. Visit our tutorials page for helpful how-to videos.

Direct Deposit
Set up a direct deposit from your employer, government agency, etc. ​​
Receive your funds up to 2 days early!

How do I setup direct deposit?
1. Go to Direct Deposit Setup under Account Services
2. Select the amount for your direct deposit
3. Download the form, fill it out and share it with your employer

Visit our tutorials page for helpful how-to videos.

Cash Deposit via Green Dot Locations
Up to $1,500 per transaction. Have access to your loaded funds in a matter of minutes.
Find the nearest Green Dot location to deposit cash using the “Reload with Cash” option.
Find the nearest  Allpoint ATM to withdraw funds free of charge.

How does Green Dot work?
Currently the only way to deposit cash is to take it to a major retailer in the Green Dot network and give the cash and your card to a checkout clerk to process the deposit. Major retailers include Walgreens, CVS, and Dollar General, which you can find on the Green Dot location map. Retailers charge $4.95 for this service. We unfortunately cannot control these service fees. We will refund  the Green Dot processing fee for single deposits over $750.

How to transfer funds into a Wealth Building Account
Wealth Building Accounts can only be funded by transferring funds from your Spending Account. Visit our tutorials page for helpful how-to videos.

How to link your external bank account
Login to the FairPay mobile app
Swipe to the left until you see the Link Your Bank Account option
Select from the list of popular financial institutions or type the name of your bank into the search bar
Once the bank account is selected, please follow their sign in/verification process
Once you have successfully linked your external bank account you will receive a confirmation message
You will see the new external account listed on the app alongside your Fair account(s)

NOTE: If your financial institution is not listed, you can contact us about adding them, or try setting up an external transfer to your Fair account from your bank. This is usually called an "external account transfer" within your bank's web portal or mobile app. You will need your Fair routing and account number to complete this step, which is available in the FairPay mobile app by tapping on the gear icon in the upper right, then tapping Show my account info.

Need help?
​Check out our Fair Video Tutorials or email us.