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Fair is an ethical, socially responsible neobank and digital financial services platform. Our Wealth Building Account is an SIPC-insured dividend account that pays members an industry-leading 4% APY¹ with no caps, no minimum balance, no fees, and no lockup period.

Fair is membership based - similar to a credit union - but is free to join. Included in membership are a spending account with debit card, fee-free access to 55k+ ATMs, international money transfers, early direct deposit, mobile app, and much more – including access to our Wealth Building Account program. Membership means no hidden fees - ever.

Partnership Benefits

When you refer your clients to sign up for a Fair WBA as a way to grow their cash portfolio, you will receive a portion of their combined AUM, paid monthly in the form of dividends to your WBA account, plus $20 on every funded account.

Custom referral code for crediting clients to your account
Earn 0.5% annually on the total AUM in all your client WBA's
Earn $20 for every new member who opens and funds a WBA
$50 incentive for new members to fund a WBA using your referral code

AUM Calculator

See how much you can earn by referring your clients to the Fair WBA

What Our Members & Partners Say

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I love Fair because they really care about helping their members to become not only financially fit, but also financially educated. They offer a Strategic Partnership Program that has enabled me to earn an income and build a book of business (Assets Under Management) where I’ve earned an extra $20 and 0.5% per referral.
- Nateese J.
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Been a member of FAIR since April. As a retired person, I am so delighted to receive my dividends on the 7th like clockwork, which helps me immensely with my living cost along with my retirement income. Keep up the good work.
Rasheed Q.
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I’ve been using the Fair Wealth Building account for several months now and it's so awesome seeing the balance grow each month...also, the best part is if I need to use the money I can easily withdraw it without any penalty. No other financial service offers all these benefits. I highly recommend growing your money with this service.
- Zaki M.

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Turn cash into a growth asset

Cash is the forgotten asset class. Wealthy investors hold 24% of their total assets in cash and equivalents. They are willing to accept low rates of return in exchange for liquidity, but with inflation recently touching 9.1% their cash is rapidly losing value in savings accounts that pay 0.5% APY or less.

Download our whitepaper to understand how your clients can earn 4% APY dividends on their cash (deposited monthly), and how this can become a previously-untapped passive income stream for your business, allowing you to earn 0.5% on the total AUM of clients you refer to a Fair Wealth Building Account.

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