The Fair Story

We are an ethical financial services digital bank, purpose-built to serve people who want a more transparent experience without hidden fees.

Fair is the vision of Khalid Parekh

Mr. Parekh is the founder and CEO of AMSYS Group (valued at $350MM) which operates in the technology, capital, healthcare, blockchain, energy, and engineering/construction sectors. One of the core principles of AMSYS is to help others grow towards prosperity.

That is where Fair comes in. “There is definitely a need for a consumer-first, ethical financial services company,” Khalid says. “We want to create financial independence, and teach our customers financial literacy — in their own language.” When Khalid couldn’t find a financial institution that met his values, he decided to start Fair. The vision is to be a financial platform for all people, from all races, religions, and backgrounds. “It all starts with a passion, with a cause,” he says. To that end, 2.5% of all Fair profits will be donated to refugee causes globally.*

*All donations to refugee missions are screened carefully to ensure compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act and international global sanctions programs. Charities are not vetted or OFAC-screened by Coastal.

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