The Fair Story

We are an ethical financial services digital bank, purpose-built to serve people who want a more transparent experience without hidden fees.

Fair is the vision of Khalid Parekh

Khalid Parekh is the founder and CEO of cutting edge business services firm AMSYS Group of Houston, valued at $350MM. AMSYS is a leader in the technology, capital, healthcare, energy, engineering, and construction sectors and one of their core principles is to help people prosper. 

That is where Fair comes in. “There was definitely a need for a consumer-first, ethical financial services company, ” Khalid says. “We were determined to help create financial independence, and teach our customers financial literacy." So when Khalid couldn’t identify a financial institution that met these goals and values, he launched Fair as a financial platform for people of all races, religions, and backgrounds.  

Additionally, 2.5% of all Fair profits will be donated to refugee programs, including the United Nations Refugee Agency.*

*All donations to refugee missions are screened carefully to ensure compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act and international global sanctions programs. Charities are not vetted or OFAC-screened by Coastal.